Custom Floater Frames

Floater frames showcase artwork in which the canvas appears not to touch the frame in which it is held — effectively creating the illusion that the artwork is floating.

Our two-piece design adds strength and inhibits warping. All frames are custom depth to fit your canvas.

Custom Floater Frames

Floater Frame Styles

Style no. 2100 1/4th inch

Style no. 2200 3/8th inch

Style no. 2400 1/2 inch

Style no. 2500 3/4th inch

Style no. 2600 1 1/8th inch

Floater frames are available with different face widths. Each width is available in poplar, ash, maple, cherry, and walnut. (See our Woods & Finishes page for more info.)

22k Gold
White Wash & Matte Black
All gold antique; Round Corners (style 2400)
All Silver Antique Wash (style 2500)
SB Sterling & Matte Black

 Follow the link to see even more customizable styles.

Standard is 1/4″ both dimensions. Wide back holds the canvas 1/2″ from the edge. No bump allows you to float the canvas freely.


Wide Back option floater frame

Wide Back (WB)

No Bump

Build Ups for Floater Frames

In some cases, such as artwork on wooden panel or canvas board, it is necessary to “build up” the piece in order for it to fit within a floater frame. We can easily accommodate such instances.

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