Welcome To Fine Art Framing​

Welcome to Fine Art Frames LLC by Jesse Goslen, we offer custom floater frames, custom wood frames, and canvas floater frames for paintings on stretcher bars and panels.

Hand Crafted Custom Frames

We provide handcrafted frames that can either arrive pre-assembled or as a kit that our customers can assemble themselves.

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Our Catalog shows the different types of frames we offer, along with pricing charts, and examples.

Floater Frame Catalog in a PDF format

A Note On FAF And Environmentalism:​

Here at Fine Art Frames, we use materials that reflect our concern for the environment. That means we choose as many sustainable and responsible sources for raw materials as possible. We do not use wood from endangered rainforest trees, and we use environmentally friendly finishes such as Agualente (which is GREENGUARD certified)

Our custom floater frames make artwork standout and appear floating. We craft our frames from hand with all natural materials that are sustainable and stylish. All of our floater frames require two pieces when being assembled. Two Pieces add strength to the structure and prevents warping over time. The painting is then anchored to the back of the frame either by offsets or screws not seen from the front. Specialists and artists alike are using floater frames for a variety of reasons. showing the whole canvas and the space around the canvas creates the sense that the canvas hangs or floats in the frame, and that’s just cool.

Fine Arts Frames LLC offers many styles of floater frames. We have floater frame profiles in poplar, ash, maple, cherry, and walnut. (See our Woods & Finishes page for more info.)

Contact us If you are looking for more information on custom floater frames or another fine art framing. Please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. in the meantime, feel free to view our custom floater frames to see the variety of frames that we offer.

Download Our Catalog

Our Catalog shows the different types of frames we offer, along with pricing charts, and examples. Please fill out the form below to view our catalog.