Basic Frames

Most of our frames are available with options in spacers, extenders, and corner options. The last digit of the style number refers to the wood type. You have the option of having your frame shipped to you chopped or joined. (See framing Options for more info.)

Flat 1000 Series

All of these styles are available in ash, maple, poplar, cherry, and walnut. 

1/4 Round 3000 Series

Both styles are available in ash, maple, and poplar.

style no. 3300

style no. 3400

3000 Series Samples

Matte Black (style 3440)
Silver Antique; round corner (style 3440)
White Wash (style 3481)

Half Round 4000 Series

style no. 4120
style no. 4210
style no. 4230

4000 Series Samples

Gold Antique (style no. 4120)
Black (style no. 4210)
Copper Antique Wash (style no. 4210)
Silver Antique Wash (style no. 4230)

Follow the link to see even more customizable styles.


Basic frames not deep enough? An extender can increase the depth of your frame
up to 3 1/8″.We can extend the 1300, 1400, 3300, 3400 and 4200 series frames. We join
the extender to the moulding unless otherwise specified. Add extender
price to the price of the moulding you want to extend. Specify depth when


All artwork must be spaced away from the glazing; when we want more than 1/2″ we often prefer that the spacer matches the frame. The spacer can be flush with the edge of the lip, or may be recessed on some styles.
We custom cut the depth you need, then precisely miter the spacer to fit the frame exactly.  It is then finished to your specifications.

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