Newsletter Summer 2014

What’s New at Fine Art Frames

We wanted to keep you informed of the BIG changes I have gone through this past year. I have built a shop out in Franklin County, NC. It takes the foot print of a four car garage and is two stories high. The upstairs consists of a room 20ft x 24ft and the rest is open to the downstairs. We have this large open space to store my inventory standing up, which is better for the wood. Downstairs I process the order and build your frame. If you have chosen any one of our of our basic finishes it is also done in this area. Soon I will have a spray booth out the back door. Any of the leaf finishes are done upstairs in the “clean” room. My wife likes it when I am working up there as she has her own hobby corner in the room. Along with my new shop I have acquired lots of new (used) equipment to better process your frames. So now I am able to fully process the frames from raw wood to finished product in house.

Featured Frame

This issue’s featured frame is actually going to be frames. That is to say, all my frames are on sale. This is the last month before a rate increase will take effect. Afterall, I have not adjusted my prices since 2008.

If you order before September 15,2014, I will honor the 2008 prices of all my frames.

How A Floater Frame is Made, Part 1

Our frames are all a two piece design where one of 3 backer stock options is glued to the outer frame and are made to fit the customer’s canvas depth. We have stock of the various face sizes that have previously been ripped, i.e., sawed and are ready to be married to the backer stock when we are given the measurements of the artwork. Once the boards have been glued together, we run it through the plainer, once to get rid of the excess glue on the back and another time to get rid of the saw blade marks on the front.

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