News letter April / May 2016

Featured Frame 

 When The Principal Gallery in Alexandra Va contacted us about framing a 10.5 foot painting in one our seamless corner floater frames I could not turn down the challenge. When we received the Thomas Downing painting it was rolled up.  With no stretcher bar that big to be found we needed to  fabricate one. That was the first big challenge. Once the canvass was stretched we made the frame. After it was leafed, we needed to install the painting having to turn it over several times in order to accomplish this challenging aspect of the project. Finally, we made a wooden crate so it could be shipped to the client in Massachusetts safely. Our final challenge was getting it on the semi truck.  All hands available we needed all along the way.

I just obtain 5 year old air dried walnut that is some of the nicest I have seen in a while. Walnut fans hurry this will not last long.

Our new house complete


We just moved in our new house that we built next to our shop. The commute to work now is across the driveway. The house is a modular home; my wife and I did the interior. We welcome visitors whenever you happen to be in the area.

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