Newsletter Winter 2014

What’s Up at FAF
The shop is coming along quite nicely and we are in the process of hooking up a wood stove for heat. It got cold here rather quickly.
Holiday deadlines:
Leafed frames must be ordered on or before December 1st to be guaranteed to be ready for Christmas.
Basic finishes must be ordered by December 15th.
Featured Frames
In honor of the season, this issue’s featured frame is any frame with 22 karrot gold on it. The sheen and richness of real gold has a quality all its own. The depth of the finish is worth its weight in gold!
How a Floater Frame is Made Part 2
(In part one we talked about the glueing up process and the planing process.) Once we have the raw frame glued and planed we are then ready to prepare the surface of the frame for the finish. The first finish is a basic finish. This can be either a stain or wash that is top coated with a clear finish to seal and protect the wood. The basic finish is applied with a brush or a rag directly to the raw wood with several coats depending how dark the customer wants it or what kind of stain or wash is being used. We have many stains in stock from which to choose from or we can order one if you prefer. Once the stain has been applied and is dry, we spray a clear coat on the frame with a spray gun. The frame is allowed to dry again and is lightly sanded with a very fine sand paper and a second clear coat is applied giving the frame the shine or satin sheen. Another basic finish is a clear satin lacuor showing the natural beauty of the grains in the wood…. Come back in the next issue and we will discuss this finish and the corners of our joined frames.

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